Our legal team handles clients across the construction industry

We are proud to serve contractors, subcontractors, designers, suppliers, owners, and managers.

We assist these clients in every component of construction law, including: forming and negotiating contracts (public and private), claims and disputes, risk management, regulations, and issues related to administrative concerns.

Our services include

Transactions & Project Development

We have offered our legal counsel to companies, public
entities, and private clients regarding the design, development, and
construction phases. Specific services offered to these clients include
reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts and purchase orders. We have
expertise in general construction contracts, subcontracts, management
contracts, and contracts for the architects and engineers. We can assist with
both domestic and international construction in the private and public sectors
related to all facets of project delivery, construction management, multi-prime,
design/build, and the standard design-bid-build process. Beyond this, we can
also offer legal guidance to general issues that affect construction and
business personnel in their daily operation.

Construction Disputes

Our attorneys work to resolve disputes by first analyzing
the claim and the procedures for contract dispute resolution. We then assist
our clients based on alternative methods for resolving these disputes in a more
cost-effective way than going through arbitration. If all else fails, we can
also provide litigation services aimed at resolving these disputes.

Property Damage

Through our experience and legal expertise, we can assist
our clients in resolving property damage disputes on commercial, industrial,
residential, institutional, and manufacturing projects. Such instances might
include: foundation and structural damage, issues with the roof and building,
defective materials, water claims for surface and subsurface areas, and damage
to paving and parking lots.

Delay & Equitable Adjustment Claims

We offer legal counsel in the preparation, prosecution, and
defense for owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers against
claims regarding changes to the price of construction and the delivery
schedule. Possible issues might be: changes, delays, accelerations, changes to
the site conditions, construction defects, terminations, value engineering, and

Personal Injury

Our legal experts offer representation against claims that
involve personal injury or death resulting from issues in the design and
construction phase. We are also able to assist during investigations carried
out by the OSHA, insurance companies, and risk management teams.

Claims for Payment, Lien, & Bonds

We can offer counsel in the preparation, filing,
prosecution, and defense of lien and bond claims, as well as payment dispute

Surveyor Claims

Our legal team can also represent surveyors should they face
claims of negligence in their survey preparation.

Bid Protests

We also represent contractors and owners through bid
protests on public construction projects.

Administrative Law

We can offer our expert counsel on licensing and similar
concerns for both federal agencies and within Texas through agencies such as
the Texas Board of Insurance, the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, and
the Texas State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

We have extensive experience dealing with claims related to the ADA Accessibility Guidelines and the Texas Accessibility Guidelines for accessibility and compliance issues.

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