Criminal Law

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It’s a confusing time when you or a loved one is charged with a crime

Concerns begin to develop over the future and whether the charges will result in a criminal record that will impact how easily you can find work, rent an apartment, or finance a vehicle.
More importantly, criminal convictions often lead to time behind bars and/or fines.

If you’re an immigrant, these convictions can even result in your deportation from the United States.

We are here to help

Through our experience and vast legal expertise, we help our clients when faced with any number of criminal charges.
We’ve assisted clients faced with charges such as: DWI, traffic violations, assault and battery, arson, drug charges, weapon possession, property crimes, domestic issues, white collar crimes, and more.

Our Services Include

Attorney for Police Questioning

Having an attorney present when you are being questioned by the police is your right as outlined by the US Constitution.
It is imperative that you be in touch with legal counsel as early into your proceedings as possible. You do not want to face questioning by local or federal
law enforcement on your own.

We will be by your side from the beginning, It just takes a phone call.

Right to Representation

Most individuals charged with a crime only incriminate themselves by answering questions without the assistance of a criminal lawyer.

As the Miranda warning states: “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”
The US Constitution provides you the Fifth Amendment, giving you the ability to remain silent instead of answering self-incriminating lines of questions.
Even a nominal slip-up in the interview room can find its way into court proceedings should you say something that can help law enforcement make their case against you.

Remain silent to the police, as per your rights, until you give us a call to have a qualified attorney on your side.

Deportation Risk

Immigrants to the United States may face a more serious consequence when charged with a felony or some misdemeanors: deportation from the country.
Through our experience in both immigrant and criminal law, we can assist in these situations and work hard to keep you in the country that you love.

Contact us today to discuss the possible immigration consequences of your criminal conviction.

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