Intellectual Property

Protecting and managing your intellectual assets

We help you understand and defend your rights

We represent such clients as owners, licensors, and licensees regarding all types intellectual property transactions and claims.
Providing solutions and services related to claims across a wide spectrum of industries and counsel our clients on Intellectual Property issues
necessary to make the best decisions for their operation.

We protect and enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights through the following

  • Assistance with trademark and regulation concerns.
  • The preparation and prosecution of patent, trademark, and copyright applications.
  • Defending the patent, trademark, and copyright violations domestically and internationally.
  • The representation of clients as they appeal in federal court and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board or the Patent Trial and Appeal Board in the defense of their intellectual property rights.

Our intellectual property services also include the following concerns


Our preparation and prosecution of American and
international patent applications assists clients through all of their planning
and issues. Beyond other areas of expertise, many of our clients are in the
technological field and face patent concerns related to: software, wireless
application and content development, medical systems and devices, algorithms
for content searching and compression-decompression, consumer products, and the
design and development of applications and Internet businesses.


We assist clients through every stage of domestic and
international enforcing of trademarks and the necessary prosecution. This legal
counsel relates, but is not limited, to: domain name infringement, global
prosecution of Internet trademarks, and meta-tag and spam related concerns. Our
services including preparing trademark clearance opinions, disputing domain
names, and arguing before the appeal boards.


Our clients receive expert counsel regarding their materials
that fall under copyright protection. We also guide them along the registering
and licensing of copyrights, as well as infringement litigation.

Trade Secrets

We understand how important trade secrets are in the establishing and growing
of a competitive business operation, and therefore offer our clients counsel as to
how they can protect their confidential information and how other intellectual property
laws may affect them. This legal assistance also helps clients prevent competitors from
getting their valuable trade secrets and issues related to misappropriation and
employee theft of this important information.

Protect and defend your intellectual property,

Get the peace of mind and security that comes with our Expertise