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Using our expertise in the corporate field, we provide guidance on the formation, structure and governance of an entity, financing through private placements and venture capital, risk reduction, tax assistance, drafting of contracts, documents for daily operation, and the review of filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. We are also able to assist in complex corporate issues, including mergers and acquisitions.

Our Services Include

Forming Startups

Our legal experts understand all of the compounding issues related to
entrepreneurs and startups on their initial planning and formation of a venture.
As such, we provide counsel regarding risk reduction, operational issues,
governance, and choice of entity structure. We can also assist companies in
their early stages on employment, intellectual property, and other pressing concerns.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our expert staff assists with the merger and acquisition transactions
for both the purchase and sale of businesses. Through our representation of
both buyers and sellers in all sorts of transactions, we have handled such
cases as platform acquisitions, the selling of family businesses, the merger of
large private and public firms, and add-on acquisitions carried out by large
organizations. Our counsel relates to all steps along the way, including the
initial structuring of a deal as an asset sale, stock sale, or merge, onward
through the disclosure materials, and the final negotiations and transaction closing procedures.

Securities, Private Equity, & Venture Capital

We have a great deal of experience in offering advice to
companies and investors in procuring and deploying capital for operational
growth. This advice applies to companies at every stage of their development,
including startups and large organizations, in the assistance of angel
investors, venture capital, and all types of private equities. Beyond this, we also
offer counsel to equity investment negotiations, fund formation, governance,
and employment.

Corporate Law & Governance

We offer guidance on corporate law, fiduciary duties, and
general governance to clients on senior management, boards of directors, and
board committees. Our legal assistance pertains to litigation, financing,
change of control transactions, executive compensation, and more. Our expertise
allows us to navigate these cases whilst considering the interests of
shareholders, management, employees, and stakeholders of all types.

Contract Counsel

We assist our clients on their daily contract needs
necessary to keep their business venture running smoothly. This includes
support for master service, contractor, sales, and supply agreements. Through
our attention to detail and vast knowledge of all contract related issues, we can
accurately assess risk and share the information with our clients to keep their
business relationships fruitful.

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