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Your best financial decision is also the easiest

Through our connection to various financial institutions, vast knowledge of the industry as it pertains to our clients’ needs, and years of experience helping at every level, we can promise an attention to detail and unmatched service on all projects.

We provide the tools, assistance, and advice necessary in both secured and unsecured credit transactions, simple loans, complex credit operations, and more.

Our Services Include

Loan Originations

Our legal experts represent lenders and borrowers of all types.
We help our clients to find the best solution for their needs
and offer counsel at every step of the way.

Loan Collections & Foreclosures

We have solutions for both borrowers and collectors for all types of loan collection
and foreclosure conditions. Our legal team offers assistance to our clients in
figuring out their next move, handling and escaping from bankruptcy, and more.

Loan Workouts

We take pride in our ability to help clients restructure their debt.
Our unique personal care ensures all of your questions are
answered along the journey.

Loan Sales & Purchases / Loan Servicing

We help in negotiating the terms related to sales and purchases of financial
interests of every type. Our counsel can assist with syndications, dispositions,
participations, assignments, and assumptions.

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