About Us

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Our Beginnings

Our practice was formed by Benton Watson at the start of 2018 in his hometown of Cameron, Texas to fulfill a goal of helping clients throughout their life, growing with them and becoming a trusted adviser throughout the challenges and concerns that life presents. 

Benton was focused on criminal litigation at the start of his legal career and after successfully handling hundreds of cases, realized that he wasn’t able to establish the kind of relationship with his clients where he could walk with them on their path in life and help them achieve their goals.

Throughout his tenure performing criminal law, he maintained an insatiable curiosity and drive for growth, this lead Benton to further study many other areas of law, successfully handling cases in a variety of legal areas.

This passion allowed Benton to take the leap in forming Watson Legal, having the experience and expertise to aid our clients throughout every stage of life and growth, to treat our clients like family.

Our Values and Practice

Although our legal team still performs trial and litigation work when necessary,
we strive in serving our clients in such a way that they never have to appear in court.

We have seen pain and heartache litigation causes even upon victory, which means we work hard to leave the courtroom as the last option, with the clients’ happiness as the first.

We seek solutions for each legal situation to keep the economic burden on our clients as low as possible.
Many lawyers are opportunists who work only for their “cut” of the legal action, that’s simply not us.

We work with individuals and businesses of all types to find the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective resolution to their situation.

It’s part of our process to go the extra mile, working to foresee potential problems before they arise, and working to resolve them before they impact our clients. It’s the right thing to do and the right way to work, it’s how you treat family.

Whether you have a large, publicly-traded company or a startup; criminal concerns or family troubles; tax issues or real estate planning needs, our business is your business.

We hold these values at our core, It’s what makes us a Law Business for Life Business

We’re pretty awesome,

and could be helping you achieve your goals and secure your future.